1st Year Cake Smash Session
Monday, October 30, 2017
1st Year Cake Smash Session

I am so excited to share this one year cake smash session captured at Walker Ranch Park in San Antonio Texas. A baby’s first birthday is such a huge milestone- both for the baby and the parents. That first year goes by so quickly. A child changes so much in the first year and a cake smash session is a great way to document those changes. When you look at how much happens in the first year it’s staggering. That little baby progresses from those first precious moments-- when they’re soft and sleepy, barely able to open their eyes through milestones that happen one after another.  They hold their head up, they start to be able to see better, they start pushing up on ...

The Importance of Family Photo Sessions
Friday, October 20, 2017
1st Year Cake Smash Session

Life is busy. That’s just a fact.  We get caught up in all of our responsibilities with school, sports, work, family, and everything in between. Even the day-to-day things can take up all our time: keeping up with the housework, keeping everyone fed and happy, getting to bed on time, doing homework… It’s so easy to let other things like family pictures slide. But the truth is: your child will only be this age for a short time. The moment you freeze in time with a camera will never come again, and it’s so important to be able to have something to look back on to remember these precious times. It’s so important not just to have digital files ...

Lauryn & Janae - Terradorna Wedding
Wednesday, October 04, 2017
1st Year Cake Smash Session

Lauryn and Janae were married on April 15th with a ceremony and reception at Terradorna in Manor, TX.  The love and affection that Lauryn and Janae have for each other is amazing. You can see the love and endearment they share just by being near them. These two amazing women have such an easy and beautiful connection that it made my job easy. They have such a deep love of life, of travel and of each other.As is sometimes the case with LGBTQ weddings, not all of their family members were on board with the wedding. Unfortunately, the brides also struggled to find vendors willing to work with them. I find it heartbreaking that these struggles still exist. Planning a wedding is ...

Jenny & Eric - Hotel Emma Wedding
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
1st Year Cake Smash Session

Jenny and Eric were married on May 28th, with a ceremony and reception at the Hotel Emma in San Antonio. I was excited for Jenny and Eric to come down to Texas from New York for their big day, since we had discussed beforehand how much their wedding photography meant to them. They wanted to be sure we had the time for the best possible pictures, and they did a stellar job of planning out their day around that desire. It always makes my job as a photographer so much easier when I have couples like this who understand how important it is to capture those images. I absolutely loved how willing they were to run with creative suggestions to get great pictures. Planning a destination wedding ...

Wedding at The 1850 Settlement - Bulverde
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
1st Year Cake Smash Session

I had the honor of capturing Meredith & Russel's wedding at The 1850 Settlement in Bulverde. I'm always excited my first time at a venue, and wow, there are so many great spots for photographs! Here are my favorite images captured that day.