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bellies & babies faq

Q.Where does the session take place?
Sessions take place in my home studio located in San Antonio near 1604 & Culebra, Monday thru Friday between 10am to 1pm.

Q. When do newborn photography sessions take place?
Newborn sessions are scheduled between 4-14 days. This is done for many reasons. Newborns this young are more likely to “curl up” and remain sleepy for the duration of the session. They are much more tolerant of being posed and moved around. 

Q. How long does a session last?
Newborn photography sessions often run long due to the nature and frequent nurturing of the infant, expect a minimum of 3 hours. I do not rush the session, I let baby take as many breaks as needed.

Q. What should we bring with us for our newborn session?
Lots of diapers! If you will be formula feeding, also bring lots of extra formula.  If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are there. I keep the room very warm for the baby so please dress in layers so you don't get too hot.

Q. Can siblings and parents be in a few shots?
Absolutely, I LOVE sibling & parent shots! I prefer parents and siblings to come in all black attire, so we can keep the emphasis on the newborn in the pictures.

Q. Do I need to supply any props?
I’ve got tons of stuff at my studio including hats, headbands, backdrops, baskets, buckets, you name it. Still, feel free to bring special things that you’ve bought, or family items you want included.

Q. What should we expect at a newborn session?
I generally schedule newborn sessions in the mornings. When you arrive at my home studio we’ll look over items in my collection and pick out what you like. Depending on the little one, we’ll start with awake or sleepy shots and the rest of the session will be built around the baby, if s/he is fussy we’ll take time to rock them back to sleep or you’ll top them off with some formula/breastfeeding. Those sweet sleepy, squishy poses are done when they are deep asleep so we’ll be patient for that, and sit around chatting/listening to music or even watching TV until they are “camera ready” again. It usually doesn’t take too long, but this is a reason why I almost insist that these sessions are done within the first two weeks, because that deep, deep stage of sleep is easier to get to, and quicker.