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About Me


I was born and raised in Minnesota! When I went to college in Arizona, I fell in love with the love of my life. Shortly after finishing college we moved to SA (hubby was born & raised here). I really do enjoy Texas weather (except in August) it's just so darn hot! I'm a down to earth, straight forward person who likes to make her own offbeat path in life.

Some of my favorite things: chocolate with anything salty. Snow!! Oh how I miss snow. My favorite season is FALL, and Halloween is my favorite holiday (we really get into decorating the house). I enjoy hiking, tennis, bicycle riding and kayaking with my family.

My love for photography started when I purchased an Ansel Adams calendar and began wondering how he made such gorgeous images. The shutter speed, f-stops & ISO all seemed so overwhelming to me. I was like 'how am I supposed to remember all these things and still take a great picture?' Luckily, with lots of practice and a few thousand horrible images it started clicking with me. Once that click happened I couldn't stop looking at the world in a whole new way! I then realized I have a gift for photographing people and felt it was important for me to share that gift. Being the offbeat person that I am, I want my business to be different-- so I post my pricing online, I give you the digital files and if I can save you money I will. I once saved a wedding couple $1,000 with me! I'm not a salesperson (I really hate the used car salespeople) I'm a professional photographer who wants to provide you with ever lasting memories.